aka miss cuthbert

  • I live in union jaylandia
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is fangirling over jb, agb and union j duh
  • I am female bc fab
  • Unionjariana

    i've been suporting uj since i saw george in that fucking PERFECT audiction and fuck now i guess that everyone knows about them and i want them to be mine, i wanna be that lucky gurl that will be answered by them, i wanna be that gurl that they will follow and dm, i wanna and need to be her. they've saved my life, they make me smile when i can't not just bc they sing like angels but because they are idiots, and i got a crush on idiots i guess. And bc they are perfect and i hope one day i can be next to the singing carry you and toxic with fucking jeorge ,i wanna just stare at joshua all day, i wanna say how perfect jaymi and olli are and i wanna take sexy pics with jj. i want them to know that... they saved my life and that i love them .

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